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What is and why should I use it?

Unlike many other Bitcoin exchanges uses a Peer to Peer trading style, therefore, offering users a more secure and personalized way to buy bitcoins. could be described as the Bitcoin equivalent of eBay or Gumtree.

Is Tyeman BTC and owned or operated by the same people?

Tyeman BTC is a user of just like you, Tyeman has no stake, ownership or say in practices. Tyeman will always try his hardest to resolve any issues but if any problems arise with your user account contacting their support team is probably the best option.

How do I know I won't get ripped off when using

Besides Tyeman's excellent reputation and stellar business ethics. When buying Bitcoins online through you have the added security of their escrow system. The localbitcoins escrow system is time-tested and proven to keep both buyers and sellers bitcoins secure, As soon as a trade is initiated the coins are transferred to an escrow wallet so if there is any problem with the transaction an impartial third party ( will assess the transaction thoroughly and decide on a reasonable outcome, This is much like PayPal or eBay's buyer protection policy only better.

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