Buy bitcoins with Cash in Hand / Cash in Person, P2P Trading in Australia

For any customers located in Queensland, Australia Tyeman offers Cash in hand as a way to buy your Bitcoin. When purchasing Bitcoins in person you can be assured that Tyeman will explain the whole process in detail and make sure any questions you have are answered with satisfaction. Take a look at the following steps to get started buying Bitcoins with cash in person.

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Other Easy Ways to Choose Us

Cash Deposit

If you want to buy and receive Bitcoins with Tyeman instantly all you have to do is deposit your Australian currency directly through a local ATM or bank branch. There is no hassle and things happen at instant pace – making things extremely simple for you.
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Bank Transfer

Tyeman brings you a hassle free method of bitcoin purchase from anywhehere in Australia using Bank Transfer via PayID, EFT, or even Poli. Choose the one that best suits your choice.
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Poli FAQ

If you are looking for an improved and simplified method for fund transfer for Bitcoin purchase then it is definitely POLi. This is an Australian secure online payment processor that allows buyers to make payment through internet banking straight to Tyeman’s account.
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Cardless Cash

The buying process is made effortless with cardless cash – a way that is as easy and as simple as opening an Australian Banking Application, followed by creating some codes and forwarding them to Tyeman. Worried about the Bitcoin safety? Of course, they are safe and protected via escrow, thus making this method super secure.
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Cash By Mail

Another possible and chosen method for buying Bitcoins through Tyeman is to send cash by mail. While you send the cash to a post office box your coins will be kept safe in escrow. Simple;
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