Learn How to Buy Bitcoins using Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer in Australia

Tyeman accepts bank transfers via Poli and via normal EFT using either a Bsb And Acc # or a Pay Id from any bank in Australia. Please note that for new customers doing transfers over 500$ the Bitcoins will not be released instantly unless the funds clear instantly.

Bank deposit may be a better option in this situation to buy Bitcoins although in most cases you will be able to do an instant transfer to one of my bank accounts, so this won’t be a problem. If not, the expected wait time is 1-2 Business days. These rules do not apply to previously verified trusted customers.

Follow the simple steps below to complete a bank transfer trade. These steps assume that you have already created a local BTC account, Follow this link if you have not yet done so, and don’t forget to activate 2fa.

The name on your ID documents must match the name on your local BTC account and trade requests from people using International IP addresses or phone numbers will not be accepted. Australian only, please.

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Other Easy Ways to Choose Us

Cash Deposit

If you are a deposit by cash kind of person then this could be your thing. After starting the Bitcoin purchase process simply deposit your Australian currency directly through the local smart ATM machine or any suitable bank branch and receive the Bitcoins. The USP here is that you receive instant Bitcoins and surely that’s exactly what you’re looking for.
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Poli FAQ

An Australian secure online payment processor, POLi allows for all Bitcoin buyers to execute an internet banking pay anyone payment to Tyeman's account instantly.
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Cardless Cash

If you are looking for a super secure and easy method for the purchase of Bitcoin then it is definitely Cardless Cash. It is as simple as opening an Australian Banking Application, then creating a code and ultimately sending it to Tyeman. Further, what makes it the choice for most buyers is that it is fully protected via escrow, thus making this method completely secure and easy to complete.
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Cash By Mail

Cash by mail is another method to buy Bitcoins with Tyeman; this way you can buy the bitcoin from anywhere in Australia. All you have to do is send the cash to a secure post Office Box; meanwhile the coins wait for you in the escrow.
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Cash in Hand

Finding difficulty in planning the deposit through any of the other methods of a Tyeman Bitcoin purchase? Take cash along and make things easy for yourself. Customers located in QLD, Australia can see Tyeman in person with ease and exchange their cash for Bitcoin with the added freedom of having your Bitcoins sent to any wallet of your choosing.
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