Learn How to Buy Bitcoins in Australia using Cash or Online Modes

Tyeman BTC has a wide range of different payment methods for you to choose from when it comes time to buy Bitcoins in Australia, whether online or in person Tyeman BTC understands the need for instant Bitcoin.

Below is a step by step breakdown for each payment method, it is important that all customers read carefully and fully understand the requirements and process of completing a trade with your chosen method.

To Buy Bitcoin online from Tyeman you will need to register an account on, Register here to get started, and don’t forget to enable 2fa for maximum security.


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Easy ways to choose us

Cash Deposit

Deposit your Australian currency directly via your local smart ATM or bank branch to receive instant Bitcoins. Doesn’t get much easier than that.
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Bank Transfer

Buying Bitcoin is easy with Tyeman BTC, You can purchase Bitcoin from anywhere in Australia via bank transfer using ether Pay ID, EFT or even Poli.
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Poli FAQ

Poli is an Australian based secure online payment processor which facilitates a Pay anyone internet banking payment from your account to Tyeman’s
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Cardless Cash

Cardless Cash is as simple as opening your Australian Banking App, Creating a code and sending it to Tyeman. Of course, your Bitcoins are protected via escrow so this method is also super secure.
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Cash By Mail

Tyeman BTC accepts cash by mail, Purchase Bitcoin from anywhere in Australia by sending your cash to a secure P.O Box while your coins wait patiently for you in escrow.
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Cash in Hand

For customers located in QLD Australia come and see Tyeman in person to exchange your cash for Bitcoin with the added freedom of having your Bitcoins sent to any wallet of your choosing.
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Why Choose Us


Personalized interaction

Each customer is treated differently depending on there Bitcoin knowledge and needs, From Beginner to Expert Tyeman BTC is available 24/7 with the answers you’re looking for. No Robots Here!!!


Simple, Fast and secure

Unlike many Australian local Bitcoin traders, Tyeman BTC has a super secure verification system designed to make the whole trading experience simple, fast and user-friendly.


AML/CTF compliant

With the Bitcoin industry being a relatively new space it’s important to choose a Bitcoin company that complies with the latest regulations. Tyeman BTC has bullet proof AML/CTF programs in place so you can be confident you're dealing with a legitimate compliant Bitcoin source.

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